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原标题:Femorning Daily 04.12.2018 1. In November, Cai

原标题:Femorning Daily 04.12.2018

1. In November,Caixin China's manufacturing PMI was 50.2, rising slightly by 0.1percentage points, indicating a slight expansion of the economy. Caixin think tank CEBM said that domesticdemand in the manufacturing industry rebounded slightly in November, externaldemand was still suppressed, production was still in the process of slowingdown, but business confidence was acceptable, capital turnover improvedslightly, and upward pressure on industrial product prices eased. 

1、11月,财新中国制造业PMI 50.2,微升0.1个百分点,显示经济微幅扩张。财新智库莫尼塔表示,11月制造业内需略有回升、外需仍受压制,生产仍处于放缓过程中,但企业信心尚可,资金周转略有改善,工业品价格上行压力有所减轻。

2. National Business Daily news, DONG Mingzhuand LEI Jun's five-year gambling is nearing the end. On December 2, DONGMingzhu from Gree Electric said thatshe basically won the gamble with LEI Jun. In fact, it does not make much sense withLEI Jun’s gambling itself. The two are not comparable. Because Gree is dealingin a real economy, and Xiaomi is dealing with the Internet which belongs tolight asset businesses. It is reported that Gree's revenue in 2018 will reach200 billion yuan, and the revenue of Xiaomi in the first three quarters of thisyear totals 130.4 billion yuan, and there is still about 70 billion yuan spacefrom 200 billion yuan.


3. According to the data released by thePeople’s Bank of China, in November,a total of 15.3 billion of standing lending facility (SLF)operations were issued to financial institutions, with a balance of 15.1billion; a total of 25.5 billion of pledgedsupplementary lending (PSL) were issued to the three banks, with a balance of3.3366 trillion; a total of 403.5 billion of medium-term loan facilitation(MLF) operations were carried out for financial institutions, with a balance of4.9315 trillion.


4. Securities Times reported thatin November, Vanke only tooktwo plots, and the amount of land acquired was 2.449 billion yuan, a sharp dropof 75% from the previous month and a sharp drop of over 85% compared with lastyear.This is the third consecutive month thatVanke has acquired less than 10 billion yuan in land, setting a record since2017. To a certain extent, it proves that "surviving" is not acting.In November, the total amount of land purchased by developers was only 55.2billion yuan, which was cut by nearly 50%. In addition to Vanke, the amount ofland acquired by Country Garden, Poly and other leading real estate companieshas also plummeted in November.


5. According to the 21st Century BusinessHerald, the current focus of the capital market is the science and technologyboard, which is rapidly advancing at a speed beyond expectations. According toindustry insiders, the position of Science and Technology Board is oriented totechnology-based innovation and entrepreneurship. In terms of industrialpolicies, science and technology enterprises should belong to industriesencouraged and supported by the state.The Science andTechnology Board will clarify the negative list, and it will be banned forindustries that are de-capacity and industries with high pollution andenvironmental hazards. It will not be accepted for traditional financialindustries and real estate industries.Science and Technology Board may design asingle “T+0” system, which allows investors to have an opportunity to buy andsell within one day.


6. Recently,the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the HongKong Securities Regulatory Commission jointly announced the signing of “theMemorandum of Understanding on Cross-border Regulatory Cooperation and Exchangeof Information”.The signing of the “Memorandum” is conducive to deepeningthe cross-border regulatory cooperation and information exchange between themainland and Hong Kong securities regulators in the securities fund industry,and promoting the cross-border securities fund operators of the two places tocontinuously improve their compliance operation and service capabilities, andfurther strengthen investors. Protection, effectively prevent and controlfinancial risks, promote the stable and healthy development of the capitalmarkets of the Mainland and Hong Kong, and better serve the high-qualitydevelopment of China's economy and open to the outside world.


7. According to the Shanghai SecuritiesNews,14 banks including Post Group, ChinaConstruction Bank, Ping An Bank, Tianjin Bank, Bank of China, Industrial Bankand China Everbright Bank received a total of 28 “Violation” tickets from ChinaBanking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.From the point of view of the number oftickets, CCB, Ping An Bank and Tianjin Bank each received 4 tickets, and thePostal Group received 3 tickets. From the amount of the tickets, 14 banks werefined 5.72 million, of which Ping An Bank was fined the most. The fine was790,000 yuan, followed by Bank of China and Industrial Bank, which were fined630,000 yuan and 580,000 yuan respectively.


8. The StateAdministration of Taxation of the People’s Republic of China recently issuedthe “Measures for Information Disclosure of Major Taxes and UntrustworthyCases”, which will take effect on January 1, 2019. The "Measures"revised the criteria for evading the recovery of tax arrears,and changed the standard for evading the recovery of taxowed into major tax violations and lawless letters from "more than 1million yuan" to "more than 100,000 yuan."The parties whohave announced to the public in accordance with the Measures shall adopt fourdisciplinary measures, such as restricting the exit of China.


9. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism ofthe People’s Republic of China recently reported that the media exposed thehealth problems of some high-end tourist hotels. The Ministry of Culture andTourism attached great importance to this and immediately instructed thecompetent departments of culture and tourism of five provinces, includingBeijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangxi and Guizhou, to cooperate with the healthsupervision and management department to investigate and handle it according tolaw. At present, some provincial and municipal health supervision andinspection departments have imposed penalties on the exposed tourist hotels.The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’sRepublic of China will dispatch a supervision and inspection team to theexposed tourist hotels for on-site supervision and inspection.


10. FinancialHeadlines App news,Japan NHK TV stationfrom the local time on December 1st at 10 am, officially began to broadcast 8KTV signals through satellite.The 8K TVs currently on the market are very rare, onlyfrom Sharp, Samsung, etc., and the price is extremely expensive. If we takeSharp's second-generation scorn series 8K TV as an example, the price of60-inch in the Japanese market is about RMB 46,000.


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