Femorning Daily 05.12.2018

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原标题:Femorning Daily 05.12.2018 1. The Ministry ofC

原标题:Femorning Daily 05.12.2018

1.The Ministry ofCommerce stated that since the beginning of this year, China's service importand export has maintained rapid growth, the structure has continued to beoptimized, and the stable and growing situation has been further consolidated.FromJanuary to October, the total import and export of services was 4.30224trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.1%.Among them, exports were 1.42118 trillion yuan, up 14.3%; imports were2.88106 trillion yuan, up 9.6%; and the deficit was 1.45989 trillion yuan.


2.The Beijing InternetFinance Association issued the “Risk Tips on Preventing the Implementation ofCriminal Activities in the Name of STO”.STO is suspected of illegal financialactivities, and should strictly abide by national laws and regulations,immediately stopping all kinds of publicity and training, project promotion,financing transactions and other activities related to STO.Institutions and individuals suspected ofviolating laws and regulations will be severely punished by eviction, closureof website platforms and mobile apps, and suspension of business licenses.


3. According to Chinanews.com news,there is a ransomwarevirus that requires WeChat to pay the ransom. After invading the user'scomputer, the user's file will be encrypted, and the victim will be asked toscan the pop-up WeChat QR code to pay the ransom of 110 yuan to obtain thedecryption key.By December 3, more than20,000 users have been infected with the virus, and the virus has also stolenthe user's various account passwords, including Alipay, 163 mailbox, Baiducloud disk, JD, QQ account and so on. For the ransomware, WeChat said that ithas blocked the ransomware author account for the first time, and the QR codewas urgently frozen. The WeChat user property and account security are notthreatened. The Alipay Security Center said that it has been the first time. Atpresent, there is no such case that Alipay account is affected. Even if a smallprobability account is stolen, Alipay promises to pay in full.


4.Securities Times reportedthat as of the end of September this year,the loan balance of Chinese banks for small and microenterprises was 24.54 trillion yuan, accounting for 19.63% of the total loanbalance of 124.99 trillion.Accordingto industry insiders, this is only the proportion of the total loan balance andit is uncertain about the proportion of public loans. However, each bank isconsciously adding financing to the small and micro enterprises, and adjustingthe structure of corporate financing. The proportion will become larger andlarger.


5.Xinhua News Agency news,the World Intellectual Property Organization published an annual report sayingthatin2017, China’s domestic patents, trademarks, industrial designs and other typesof intellectual property applications ranked the first in the world,which effectively promoted the increase ofglobal intellectual property applications. In 2017, the number of globalintellectual property applications reached a new high. Among them, the numberof patent applications reached 3.17 million, achieving a continuous growth of 8years; the total number of trademark applications in the world was 12.39million, and the total number of applications for industrial designs reached1.24 million.


6.According to the China Securities JournalOnline, the data from the China Index Academy showed that in November, thetotal amount of residential land transfer fees in 300 cities nationwide was242.1 billion yuan, a 2% increase from the previous month and a 23% decreasefrom the same period of last year. The average floor price of the transactionwas 3943 yuan per square meter increasing by 25% month-on-month and decreasedby 4% year-on-year;the average land premium rate was 7%, an increase of 2 percentagepoints from the previous month and a decrease of 15 percentage points from thesame period last year.


7.The 11 departments of the National Development andReform Commission issued a notice on further completing the "zombieenterprise" and the disposal of debts of de-capacity enterprises.Classifying the disposal of "zombieenterprises" and direct debts of de-capacity enterprises, clearing"zombie enterprises" and de-capacity enterprises to lend debts andincorporate them into direct debt disposal, and independently negotiate thedisposal of "zombie enterprises" and guaranteed debts of de-capacityenterprises.


8.According to Xinhua NewsAgency, following the signing of the six major power generation centralenterprises last month,China Coal Group recently reunited 7 Power generationcompanies signing a five-year medium- and long-term strategic coal supply anddemand cooperation agreement, including Zhejiang Energy Group, GuangzhouElectricity Group, Jiangsu Guoxin Group, Ligang Power, Ezhou Power, ShenzhenEnergy and Greenland Energy.According to the agreement, China Coal Group will supply 180 million tons ofcoal to the above seven key users between 2019 and 2023.


9.According to the Ministryof Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China,the raw materials industryrealized a profit of 190.04 billion yuan, an increase of 18.6% from theprevious monthin October.Among them, the metallurgical, non-ferrous,petrochemical and building materials industries realized profits of 52.19billion yuan, 13.08 billion yuan, 85.04 billion yuan and 39.73 billion yuanrespectively, up 11.1%, 39.9%, 12.0% and 64.6% respectively.


10.Xinhua News Agency reportedthattheAmerican Soybean Association issued a statement welcoming the leaders of Chinaand the United States to reach a consensus on economic and trade issues andcalling for the restoration of trade relations between the two countries assoon as possible and a long-term mutually beneficial agreement.The United States Soybean Association PresidentHays Doffer said in a statement that the leaders of the two countries agreed totake measures to cool the trade friction, which is the first "positivemessage" that the US soybean farmers received after several months offalling soybean prices and blocked exports.







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