Abizark.com Promotes Cowhide Men's Business Bags on Bagsok.com

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NEW YORK, July 12 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- As the leading international solutions provider, Abizark.com has been helping a variety of online stores increase their market shares and popularity. Operated by Abizark.com, www.bagsok.com is an online store providing cheap, trendy bags for both MEn and women.

Abizark.com is supporting www.bagsok.com to promote the EXquisite men's bags series. Instead of attracting customers' attention with low prices, Abizark.com emphasizes the superior quality and enjoyment these produCTS bring to their customers. Meanwhile, for any order over $200, buyers get an extra $10 off. Starting from July 5th, this promotion laSTS for one month.

The 2010 fashion trends have been focusing on men's accessories such as bags and shoes. Usually fashion designers agree that bags are the most important accessories for women only, however, men have started to pay more attention on their outfits. Different from women's handbags, men's bags are supposed to be practical and durable.

What does Abizark.com think about it? Simon Gao, the marketing director in charge of the project of Bagsok, holds his own opinion toward men's fashion trends: "Men have the desire to be fashionable and to some extent, they expect much more than women. They are seeking a perfect balance between fashion and practicality, therefore our target consumers are successful businessmen. Our business bags on www.bagsok.com are made from first-CLass cowhide and designed by top-ranking designers, representing both the distinguished and exquisite."

Actually, the tide is high in the men's fashion market. Famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Armani and Prada have released their men's business bags series one after another. Durable texture, fashionable design and low-key style are common features for men's bags. According to Abizark.com, these features help businessmen feel more confident and composed.

There's a great chance lying in the fashion industry: the design and manufacture of men's bags were newly born during the last decade and they are still much less developed compared with women's. In a word, he who seizes this chance will be the winner in the future fashion business.

About Bagsok.com

Bagsok.com is an online bags store devoted to Fast Fashion concepts in the bag market by providing continuouSLy updated quality classic and trendy handbags, luggage, business bags, etc. The extremely low prices of $9.90 let customers enjoy value added products. http://www.bagsok.com is one of the online stores operated by BizArk.

About BizArk Service Ltd.

BizArk is an international trading company that provides all-in-one e-commerce solutions & services for online stores, specializing in website construction, network marketing, website monitoring & security as well as support service. http://www.abizark.com/index.html .

For more information, please contact:

Shirley Julie


Email: service@bagsok.com

Or through Live Chat on http://www.bagsok.com/

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