Li Zhang:A Bridge Between China and Arab

Li Zhang:A Bridge Between China and Arab

In recent news, a series of videos aptly titled "Chinese Culture Visiting Arab World" has witnessed phenomenal success on Yangshipin, a platform under the aegis of China Central Radio and Television Station, accumulating a staggering view count of 100 million. The creator of these videos, Cynthia Zhang, has received widespread acclaim for her distinctive portrayal and promotion of China-Arab culture, thus bestowing her the public title of "The Most Beautiful Cultural Ambassador between China and Arab."

Many viewers voiced their admiration for Zhang's narrative approach to Chinese culture: "She narrates the story of Chinese culture in a manner distinctly her own, and through her lens, we gain an intimate view of the real Arab world," expressing a testament to the impactful cross-cultural exchange being fostered through these videos.



In an exclusive news report, Li (Cynthia) Zhang, Forbes U30 in China, a steward of Chinese culture and the person in charge of the renowned Chinese fashion brand Egooss, expressed surprise at the extensive attention their videos has garnered of late. During the interview, she expounded that the impressive recognition mainly stems from the seamless alignment of the Belt and Road Initiative with the 2030 Vision strategy. This breakthrough has been further bolstered by the concerted efforts put in by both the Chinese and Arab sides in various fields such as economy, education, and culture over the past few years.

创作者张丽(Cynthia Zhang)是一名中华文化传承人,及中国品牌豪丽负责人。近期接受采访时表示,他们对视频能获得如此广泛的关注感到非常惊讶。她解释称,这主要源于一带一路倡议与2030愿景战略的紧密契合,以及中阿双方在过去几年中在经贸、教育和文化等领域的共同努力。


In a recent interview, Cynthia offered an in-depth analysis of shared traditional values intrinsic to Chinese and Arab cultures, such as an emphasis on family, a high value on education, and attitudes of humility and patience.

Cynthia went on to discuss an array of collaboration projects that are in active progress, aimed at deepening the exchange between China and Saudi Arabia. For instance, they are planning to create a high-end talk show centred on Sino-Arab cultural exchange. This program plans to invite guests to deeply experience the traditional cultures of China and Arabia, such as Chinese and Arabian calligraphy, Chinese tea, and Arabian coffee. The show will be broadcast on mainstream media outlets in both China and Saudi Arabia.

This program will explore the rich, nuanced, and symbiotic China-Saudi Arabia cultural exchange landscape through a series of inspiring interviews with Saudi Arabia’s exceptional leaders hailing from various domains. We aim to offer the audience a unique window into this cultural dynamic, unveiling compelling tales of collaboration, mutual inspiration, and understanding sparked between the two cultures across sectors such as Technology, Entertainment, Politics, Science, Literature, Sports, and more.

Additionally, Cynthia expressed her keen interest in promoting Chinese language education in Saudi Arabia.




"Chinese culture is fundamentally inclusive and respects diversity," a statement was made during the interview. "We look forward to the global spread of Chinese culture, and equally anticipate the integration of Arab civilization. We've had unforgettable travel experiences in Saudi Arabia. In the upcoming tourist season, we hope that our work will encourage more people to visit Arabia, to deeply understand Arab culture. As the cooperation relationship between China and Arabia continues to strengthen, we firmly believe that the cultural exchange between the two sides will become increasingly frequent. We also look forward to delivering more outstanding cultural and artistic works for the public."





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